Wii Sports rules game BAFTAs

Nintendo’s Wii Sports took home a hatful of awards from the video game BAFTAs, held in London earlier this week. The title won the Casual, Gameplay, Innovation, Multiplayer, Sports and Strategy/Simulation categories, but was beaten to the overall Best Game prize by Bioshock, for the Xbox 360. Not a single PlayStation 3 game was given an award, although several PS2 titles picked up gongs.

While Wii Sports was tearfully thanking its family we had a chance to pick out a couple of favourites from the other nominees. Best Overextension of a Franchise must surely go to “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas” (do we sneak around disguised as Elvis in night vision goggles?), while Least Concerned With Realism has to be Ragnarawk – winner of the “One to Watch” award – in which gamers fight evil using a magical guitar infused with the soul of a rock god. It could happen to any of us…

(Image: from clownfish’s Flickr stream)

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