Wii Sesame Street set to make Wii gaming even more sickeningly cute

Got a Wii? Tired of jibes from your XBox-toting friends about how all the best games seem to involve cartoon plumbers or cute animals? Then this may not be good news. Warner Bros. Interactive have raise the cuteness factor a bit higher with not one but two Sesame Street games.

Even more sickening/adorable are the included 'gameplay helpers,' fuzzy Elmo and Cookie Monster slipcovers to help little hands grapple with the Wiimote.

As the titles - 'Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure' and 'Cookie's Counting Carnival' - suggest, these games are aimed at your little three-year-old nephew more than you. But try explaining that to your friends when they come round.

Alternatively, there are DS and PC versions in the pipeline too, so you can get your Bert & Elmo fix without humiliation.

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