We take a look at the Wii package offers available from Amazon

If you have yet to be convinced to fork over for Nintendo's Wii then perhaps the latest price drop can convince you. The revolutionary video game system was originally released in 2006, to much acclaim centred around its incredibly inventive control system which sees players manipulate the on screen action with their real life movements. The effect was unlike anything available at the time and the gaming public absolutely loved it.

Since its release the Wii has managed to sell more than 80,000,000 units worldwide, a figure that we fully expect to increase in the coming months despite the fact that Nintendo are currently gearing up to announce the system's follow up to the world.

Rather than allow this announcement to hinder the sales of their current flagship system, Nintendo have implemented a real master stroke in cutting the price of the system to as little as £99 across the United Kingdom and Europe at large.

With Amazon having a reputation as the best retailer online for value video game bundles, we headed over there to see what they've got for you in terms of Wii package offers.

For just £99 you can pick up a white Nintendo Wii console with the brilliant Mario Kart Wii title (including white steering wheel peripheral) and a Motion Plus controller. Alternatively, for the same price you can get a black or white Wii console with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort as well as a Motion Plus controller, a saving of as much as £30.99!

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