What You Need to Know About the Wii Nintendo Console

Despite fierce competition from rivals, Playstation 3 and the XBox 360, the Wii Nintendo console is currently the biggest selling console around the world. A seventh-generation console, much of the Wii's appeal is the fact it appeals to both adults and children alike. Unlike other consoles, the Wii encourages greater player interaction thanks to Wii motion plus technology. The controller or remote can act as anything from a tennis racket to a boxing glove.

When the Wii Nintendo console first hit the market the systems were expensive, with the actual console ranging between £200 and £250. Wii motion plus remotes were as much as £50, making it an expensive purchase for many. This did not stop the Wii's popularity from climbing, however, Nintendo did drop the price over a couple of years. A brand new Wii Nintendo console today is around £100 to buy in the shops. Retailers such as Game and Gamestation offer Wii bundles. This is usually a console and a choice of up to four games. This is a good idea to keep cost down and makes an ideal starter pack.

Games for the Wii vary, although action and sport games lend themselves well to the format. The Wii Fit is a continual best seller and consists of a board, which remotely syncs with the Wii Nintendo console. You then stand on the board and it works out your weight and even BMI. Wii Fit allows you to do a range of keep fit exercises as well as a number of extreme sport games. The Wii Fit also keeps track of any weight loss you have, once you have input your details.

The Wii Nintendo console allegedly was given its name as a symbol that it is designed to be played by everyone. The follow up to the Wii, is scheduled to be released in 2012 and is known as the Wii U.

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