We look for the best prices on the Wii Mario Kart racing pack

Whether you've already got a Wii console or you're looking to pick one up soon, you couldn't have asked for a better time to find some real bargains. Since Nintendo have announced that the Wii is to get a successor later on in the year, which is to be unveiled later this summer at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, prices of Wii consoles and bundles have gone through the floor.

You can now pick up the basic Wii console package for as little as £99.00, down from the original 2006 launch retail price of £179.99, while many retailers are putting together their own bundles in order to convince customers to take the plunge.

If you're concerned that by buying now you'll need to upgrade to the new console when it is released, you needn't worry. Nintendo will be supporting the Wii with great games for many years to come, and third party developers will be in no hurry to abandon the 80,000,000 Wii owners already out there in order to focus on a brand new machine which nobody can be sure will be a success (although we're fairly willing to stake our reputation on that being the case).

The new price drop has also been accompanied by a new official Nintendo console package, as the hugely popular Mario Kart Wii is now bundled with selected systems, alongside the smash hit Wii Sports game. This bundle is available for as little as £159.98 from pcworld.co.uk right now.

For those of you who already have a Wii, but are looking to get your hands on the latest Mario Kart game, you can pick up the complete Wii Mario Kart racing pack including three steering wheel controllers for just £47.96 from Asda's official website, located at direct.asda.com, so you and your friends can get stuck into one of the most enjoyable racing games ever made.

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