We look at some of the Wii homebrew games for download

Despite the fact that it's the biggest selling video game system of this generation, many owners feel that they have been somewhat short changed by Nintendo when it comes to the out of the box capabilities of the Wii console. Sure it revolutionised the way we play video games thanks to its motion control based system, but the disappointing fact of the matter is that Nintendo severely restricted what we could do with the console without needing to modify it.

Initially, these modifications required the use of a chip or hardware alteration. Once implemented, this modification allowed you to bypass a number of security features put in place by Nintendo in order to let you use the Wii as a DVD player, home entertainment centre, FTP client and, most importantly for many, using Wii homebrew games found for download online.

While the majority of these games are quite simplistic and aren't really all that much fun, the ability to use homebrew emulators to play classic console games makes the whole process worthwhile. Let's be honest, who hasn't dreamt of having every single Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or Sega Mega Drive, game in one place? Nobody born in the 1980s that's for sure!

Now that is not only possible, but it's very easy to accomplish without the use of hardware modifications and the need to open your console. Unfortunately we are unable to link you to either instructions or websites offering downloads of these software emulators due to the fact that software pirates have also jumped on the Wii homebrew scene in order to create backup managers which allow you to play illegally downloaded Wii games, which is something we would obviously not like to encourage or be seen to sympathise with.


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