Wii Fit looks set to be the game of 2008

Here at DigitalEdge towers there is boundless love for both gaming and chocolate. But with each passing year the combination of a sedentary lifestyle and congenital laziness take their toll on the digital waistline and the heart gland.

Thankfully help is at hand in the shape of Wii Fit. It looks set to be the year's biggest selling game and just like Brain Training on the DS it combines gaming with self-improvement meaning no one can get on your case for 13 hour non-stop radiation marathons.

From the reviews online and the videos available on YouTube, Nintendo's fitness board add-on looks like tonnes of fun. The game assesses your fitness based on your age, height and weight. After that you just have to choose your Mii and you can start shedding the pounds through strength, cardio, balance and yoga activities.

So will Wii Fit sound the death knell for gym membership across the nation as people swap the local fitness centre for nights at home in front of the Wii? Who knows. But getting fit while hula hooping, heading a virtual football or recreating Eddie the Eagle's greatest sporting moments in the ski-jump sounds way more fun than being harassed into killing yourself by a lunatic Spinning teacher.

Wii Fit is scheduled for release in Europe on April 25. So that leaves just ten days until the start of the new fitness regime. Pass the Maltesers.

Wii Fit

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