What games work with the Wii Fit board?

The Wii Fit board enjoyed plenty of use in people's front rooms when it was released in 2007. Fitness enthusiasts embraced the board as it allowed them to work out at home. Now that the fad has passed, you may find that the board is gathering dust in your house.

It need not be that way though, there are plenty of other games that use the board. Here are just a few of our favourites.

EA Sports Active - This is EA's take on a Wii Fit style game, and they make a brilliant stab at it. It is much more focused at being a real fitness tool, providing some really strenuous exercises to try out. It also comes packaged with a "resistance band" that simulates the effects of weights on your exercises.

Don King's Prizefighter - This boxing title uses the balance board in conjunction with your Wiimote to emulate the real conditions a boxer operates under. The movement of your feet on the board translates to your boxers movement on-screen.

Shaun White Snowboarding Road Trip - This snowboarding title uses the balance board to simulate a snowboard. Putting pressure on each side will see you leaning to the side on your snowboard. It's an excellent way to control the game!

Skate It - Just like the snowboarding title, Skate It lets you control a skateboard by leaning to either side. It's a brilliant throwaway title, but maybe won't hold up to repeated play.

There you have it, lots of games to bring your Wii Fit board back out of retirement!

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