We check out the great Wii deals at Tesco

When the Nintendo Wii was launched in 2006 it ushered in a brand new chapter for video games. The console succeeded in breaking down the wall between gamers and non gamers thanks to its innovative and incredibly intuitive control system which allows players to control the on screen action with their own movements. This revolutionary control method is the main reason that the system has gone on to sell in excess of eighty million units so far, with no signs of slowing any time soon.

Although Nintendo has announced that they will be releasing a follow up to the Wii, currently code named Project Cafe, not much is currently known about the system. We have not yet been informed when it will be released, how much it will cost, or what kind of games will be available for it when it finally hits shelves, although its conformation has resulted in huge price drops for the Wii and Wii bundles at retailers across the country.

Tesco is no different, and some of the Wii deals available at Tesco right now are very hard to pass up if you haven't yet invested in the greatest revolution in gaming history.

For just £169.00 you can get yourself a brand new Wii console (in either black or white) with the following games included; GoldenEye 007, Madagascar: Kartz, Epic Mickey, Wii Sports Resort, Mini Ninjas and Game Party 3. This represents tremendous value for money, at a cost that is less than the original launch price of the Wii console!

If most of those games don't tickle your fancy, you can get the Wii Console with Wii Sports Resort and Epic Mickey for just £109.00, or the DJ Hero bundle which includes the popular DJ Hero 2 game and two turntable controllers, a Wii console and Wii Sports Resort for £130.00.

There are also many other bundles available from Tesco, either online at direct.tesco.com or in your local store, so be sure to check them out if the deals we have listed don't sound up your street.

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