Wii controllers in black for the best price

Finding Wii controllers in black for the best price can be very difficult. With the black Wiimote being the newest of the controllers, it is hard to find them for anything other than full price. If you know where to look though, you might just be able to snatch them up for a bargain.

Generally the black Wiimote is a little over £20 by itself. Of course if you are looking for a nunchuck then you will need an extra £15! This is pretty pricy for what should essentially be a package deal anyway.

Well, we have been searching online and while it has been hard to find good deals on the black Wiimote and nunchuck, we have found one website that has some great low cost offers. Hit up the Amazon website and see what they have to offer.

Amazon is well known for the great savings that they have on offer. Luckily this also stands for the nunchuck and Wiimote - there are savings to be made here!

Go to the PC and Video games section of Amazon and you should be able to find the Wii accessories from here. Amazon is really easy to navigate so you should have no problem finding what you are looking for.

They are currently selling the black Wiimote for only £12 and the nunchuck is going for only £11. That's £23 total, versus the £35 that it would cost in a video game store - not bad savings right?

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