Guide to buying a Nintendo Wii console from Argos

Despite the fact that there is an impending price drop coming for the Nintendo Wii console (the price is being reduced from £179.99 recommended retail price to £129.99 from Friday May 20th onwards), there are still some fantastic deals to be had if you're planning on getting your Nintendo Wii console from Argos.

Argos are currently running a very special offer that enables you to add a docking station which charges your game controllers, saving you serious money on the price of batteries throughout the year, and a Wii compatible gun add-on to your purchase of any Wii console or game for just £14.99, representing a saving of 50%.

The basic Nintendo Wii console featuring the Wii Motion Plus controller as well as the exciting games Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort is available at all Argos outlets, as well as the official website at www.argos.co.uk for £179.99 right now.

You can supplement this purchase by picking up some great cut price games which include superb offers on Electronic Arts' EA Sports Active 2 personal trainer game. This title includes a range of peripherals including lag and arm straps, plus a heart rate monitor in order to ensure that you get the best workout to suit your needs.

And if keeping fit is your thing, you can make a £20 saving on the recommended retail price of the hugely popular Wii Fit Plus game which is available for just £69.99, complete with balance board peripheral.

The only question you have to ask yourself is whether you want to take advantage of these savings now before they run out, of if you are going to hold off and see if the offers are still around when the Wii console price drops in a few weeks.

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