We find the best deals in our Wii best buy UK guide

If you are looking to buy yourself or your family a brand new Nintendo Wii console, then this Wii best buy UK guide is for you. While many stores claim to have the best prices for the Wii, many places have yet to adjust their prices to reflect the fact that the console has recently received a rather hefty price cut from Nintendo to reflect the fact that its successor, currently codenamed Project Cafe (although likely to bear the final moniker "Steam" when it is released), is to be unveiled to the world at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles in early June.

In order to keep interest high in the Wii, Nintendo have decided that they would need to make drastic price cuts to entice anyone who hasn't invested in one yet to finally take the plunge before they decide that it's too late and instead wait for the new console to be released.

If you're concerned that this new console will mean that you'll struggle to find games for the Wii should you buy it at the new price, then you have nothing to be concerned about. As the top selling console of this generation with more than 80,000,000 units sold to date, there is absolutely no fear of either Nintendo or the various third party developers to create games for the system dropping it any time soon. With such a large installed user base they would be writing off huge potential sales by taking such an approach.

So, if you're looking for the very best in Nintendo deals, our Wii best buy UK guide recommends that you should pop over to amazon.co.uk who have the Wii console with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort plus a Wii Motion Plus controller for the great price of just £99.99. Should you prefer a different game, you can get the package with Mario Kart Wii instead of the Wii Sports titles instead for the same great price.

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