Get the best prices on WiFi broadband in Ireland

These days almost every electronic device seems to come with internet compatibility. Whether it's a smartphone, video game console, internet tablet or touch screen device like the iPad, you can't get the most out of these devices without having a continuous reliable Wifi broadband connection in your home.

Although there are some companies who offer fixed WiFi broadband in Ireland solutions, they tend to be a little expensive and don't offer anywhere close to the value for money that you can find from other approaches.

We recommend you go for a traditional broadband connection and supplement it with a WiFi router in order to send your broadband signal through the air to your wireless devices. While this might sound very technically, in actually fact it couldn't be easier. All you need to do is connect everything up, search for your new wireless network and enter the password that was provided to you by your internet service provider.

We recommend that you go with Imag!ne from Irish Broadband for your broadband connection. Not only do they offer some of the best speeds, but their download cap is very generous.

For as little as €17 per month you can get you whole house connected to a 1MB line with 40GB of monthly download allowance - more than enough for light users. If you need a little more speed, then we recommend you take a look at the 7.6MB connection, available with 90GB of monthly download allowance for just €37 per month.

For more information on these packages be sure to check out the Irish Broadband website at irishbroadband.ie.

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