Wide Boy

Now this little thing looks like something out of a pretty naff 60s sci-fi B-Movie, but it is in fact something rather useful indeed. What is it? Well, since you asked it's the Leyio, which is the world's first UWB storage device.

But what's a UWB storage device? Well, we asked the same question not five minutes ago, but then we consulted the blurb, and it told us this: It uses Ultra-Wide Band transmissions to wirelessly exchange files, and best of all it does it quicker then Wi-Fi.

It has 16GB of memory, and can transfer that memory at 10MB a second, 100 times faster than Bluetooth and four times faster than a Wi-Fi connection. As well as that, it's got a way cool thumb print security system. They're currently available on Amazon for £159, so if you've got the readies this is well worth a purchase.

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