Why Twitter accounts get suspended

Have you ever had your Twitter account suspended? Perhaps you know someone who has but you’re not sure why that was. Websites like Twitter have a really personal feel to them, we think that we own the account because we put ourselves into it so any form of suspension is badly received. We’ll take you through some of the most commons reasons why Twitter accounts get suspended.
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Violation of the Twitter rules

The most common reason for suspension is that the user’s committed a violation of Twitter’s rules. In order to safeguard the majority of users, Twitter has put in place rules that stop users from impersonating others, using trademarks that aren’t owned by them or publishing material that’s protected by copyright. Other reasons why your account can be suspended for violating the rules includes tweets that are rude and threatening or any posts that disclose another individual’s personal details including credit card numbers and addresses.

Account hacked

The most common reason for your account to be suspended is that it’s been hacked. If that’s the case, you’ll be asked to provide some of the additional information you gave when the account was set up in order to realise it from hold. You might be asked to confirm an email address or to provide a phone number.

How do you know if your account is suspended?

When you go into Twitter.com you’ll be prompted by the site. The message will simply tell you that your account is currently suspended.

How to speed up the process

If your account has been frozen because of violation, you will need to enter the appeal process. To do this you need to confirm that you have changed the account behaviours that are in violation of the rules. That basically means that you need to remove the tweets.

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