Why didn't we think of that?

Been on a plane recently? Did you try to use your laptop? Did you find that you couldn't open it properly without banging into the seat in front of you?

Did you think, 'there's got to be a better way of doing this?'

If you did, then you're in luck. 'Modder' (that's someone who fiddles with the hardware of their electronic gadgets, like a hardware hacker) Ben Heck has devised a more flexible laptop shape especially for use in cramped spaces.

It kinda flips up, see? This is actually a similar system to the new Dell netbook-tablet combo device that appeared a couple of months ago, so there's a decent chance of this form factor appearing in the shops at some point.

Which makes this a more practical innovation than Ben Heck's last high-profile mod - the shirt with a see-through portal.

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