Why didn't we think of that?

Now look. Here at Excite Towers we're a fairly eco-conscious lot. We recycle. But those blimmin' energy-saving bulbs drive us a little crazy. You come into the kitchen, you turn on the light, you want to be able to find your Super Noodles instantly, yes? Not to wait five minutes for the blinkin' light to warm up.

Well, US megagiant General Electric - or the Shinehart Wig Company, as NBC's genius sitcom 30 Rock calls it - has come up with a pretty clever solution. This hybrid halogen-CFL bulb contains a energy-saving bulb in the traditional coil shape, but nestled snugly inside the coil, a small halogen bulb. Both come on when you turn on the light, but an integrated timer turns off the halogen when the coil warms up to full brightness.

So you get the instant light you need, while still slashing energy use if you leave the light on long-term. Genius! They probably won't be cheap, but they should last for ages.

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