Find wholesale mobile phone dealers in Manchester

There are a number of good wholesale mobile phone dealers in Manchester. The following wholesalers will all deliver to the Greater Manchester area.

5tech Ltd - 5tech Ltd are a leading supplier of wireless technology accessories and mobile phones in the UK. They also provide wholesale GPS, iPods and gaming products.

Activ8 Distribution - Activ8 Distribution are a worldwide wholesaler with headquarters in the UK. Items sourced from the UK are delivered the next working day. Items sourced from China are delivered within seven days of placing the order.

Buzz Mobiles Ltd - Buzz Mobiles Ltd provide quality wholesale mobile phones and mobile phone accessories. Loyal customers are rewarded with discounts and benefits.

Gultek - Gultek are direct suppliers of mobile phone spare parts, unlocking devices and data cables. They deliver at competitive rates and stock a wide range of brands including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod, HTC, Samsung and LG.

Mobile Distribution Solutions Ltd - Mobile Distribution Solutions Ltd are specialist wholesalers for SIM free phones, pay as you go, and used handsets. Their company philosophy is to fulfil their customers' requirements regardless of the size of the order, from 10 to 10,000 units orders.

Skyline Accessories Ltd - Skyline Accessories Ltd are stockists of an extensive range of mobile phones and mobile phone accessories, including memory cards, bluetooth dongles, covers, silicon covers, SIM cards, chargers, batteries, data cables, LCD screens, battery covers, and bluetooth/infrared accessories.

Vital Accessories (UK) Ltd - Vital Accessories (UK) Ltd are wholesale suppliers of mobile phone accessories, handsfree kits, USB data cables and spare parts.

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