Who ya gonna call...with Google or Skype?

Google vs. Skype. Two major companies, the first undoubtedly a massive multi-billion dollar franchise and the other holding the monopoly on national and international online calls. But maybe not for much longer, the Metro Online reports.

Despite Google providing voice and video chat facilities on googlemail for some time now, the application required both parties to be logged in to gmail and online at the same time. Now, in a bid to compete with Skype's hold on the market for offering free/cheap phone rates for calling other Skype and non-Skype users, Google has hinted that it will soon be offering the same facility, at lower rates.

'Calls to UK landlines will cost 2 cents (1.2p) per minute, while calls to UK mobiles will cost 18 cents (11.5p) per minute. This significantly undercuts Skype's prices of 2.4 cents (1.5p) for landlines and 29.1 cents (18.7p) to mobiles.'

Next stop for Google: megalomania and the development of the cerebrum to cerebrum calling functionality (watch this Sci-fi space.)

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