Who offers faster internet in the UK?

The speed of your internet connection’s really important if you want to download or upload stuff. It’s also a factor when you’re streaming content so no wonder you’re interested in getting to get faster internet in the UK. Don’t believe the adverts on TV that claim they’re the UK’s fastest broadband connection because there are sites you can visit that will give you that information.


You use to have a choice of providers from the major telephone and mobile phone service providers. These guys were always mixed with specialist brands who only offered internet services like Plusnet. Now that TV providers like Sky and Virgin Media and even The Post Office offer broadband deals, you’ll need a comparison site to work out which firm offer the fastest connection and the best prices.


This is one of the best sites to use when you’re looking for a service like broadband because these guys take into account the speed, the amount of downloads, the contract length and the price in order to compare the nation’s increasing quantity of broadband firms. A quick search of the site shows that the Virgin Media Big Kahuna Bundle offers the fastest broadband speeds in the UK.

Virgin Media Big Kahuna Bundle

The Virgin Media Big Kahuna Bundle offers an incredible 152MB speed and unlimited downloads. You’ll need to sign up for 18 months but you’ll get access to 230 TV channels including BT Sport. You’ll also get a 500Gb TiVo box to record TV, a home phone and a wireless Super Hub to push the internet around your home. If you’re not interested in this package, Virgin Media also offer the 152MB broadband and phone as a separate package.

BT Infinity or Plusnet

Existing BT customers might want to upgrade to BT Infinity 2 Unlimited Broadband and Calls. This package offers 76MB speeds and unlimited downloads on a 12 month contract. You can also get the same speed with Plusnet who offer cheaper broadband deals but need you to sign up for 18 months.

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