Who needs Google Wallet?

We don't have one of those fancy contactless payment chips in our debit card yet, but the world seems hellbent into sticking them into everyone's mobile phones. Just a month ago Google launched Wallet, a new service to bring mobile phone payments to stores across America. But like too many Google products, it's US-only for now.

But don't despair - it seems mobile payments could be coming to the UK soon. The four big UK mobile networks - Everything Everywhere, which runs Orange and T-Mobile; Telefonica UK, which runs O2; and Vodafone, have announced they're getting together to work on developing a single UK system for processing mobile payments.

There's no particular reason why this is something that has to be done by networks, of course; it's manufacturers who'll need to put the required NFC chips into their phones. But this at least makes it seem unlikely they'll be an unseemly and irritating battle of mobile-payment systems. Anything the US can do, we can do better, albeit quite a lot slower!

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