Who is the most followed person on Twitter?

Amazingly, Twitter was only launched in 2006. Since then however, it’s enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity and is now considered an invaluable communication platform used by everyone from world leaders to Oscar winning actors, respected academics and of course celebrities.

British big-name, time-wasting and ego-stroking celebs on Twitter include Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross and Richard Bacon who each have well over a million disciples, sorry followers, but compared to our America cousins their numbers look a little pitiful. For the last 12 months acting hunk Ashton Kutcher has enjoyed the accolade of being the most followed person on Twitter with a solid 4,959,532. That crown, however, has just been passed on to Britney Spears who has 4,959,532 followers.

Tweeting about being asked about Britney beating him during an interview for his new film Killers Ashton wrote: ‘second most popular question [at the junket] - 'What do you think about Britney having more followers than you?' Answer: 'I don't care. Aren't you supposed to be a movie reporter?' One word. JEALOUS!!!!

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