Who holds back the electric car?

Six new electric car charging stations will be coming to the UK (well, central London) by the end of the year, with another six next year, reports Electric Pig.

Evoasis will be bringing the UpStart charging stations onto sites where petrol stations used to stand, with the first being 12 bays on Grosvenor Road in Pimlico, south west London. All of which seems a bit pointless if you don't live anywhere near there, but Evoasis are talking to Tesco with the aim of having them installed in the supermarket's car parks.

The price is also very good, with it costing the princely sum of £2 to charge up your electric car, but it will take 20 minutes ot charge, so you'd better make sure you need to do some shopping while it's sat there.

However, I think all us environmentally conscious types will be quick in giving this project a big thumbs up. *Puts thumbs up*

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