Who are the best printer suppliers in the UK?

Printer Suppliers in the UK

There are a lot of printer suppliers in the UK and they all offer comparable products and services. There are differences between the suppliers but on the face of it they are all very similar.


Amazon has a wide range of printers from different manufacturers such as Epson and Hewlett Packard. They are reasonably priced starting around £25 for a basic printer. They supply printers and scanners for all purposes from photo printing to basic documents.

Amazon also stock inks and papers that are compatible with all of the printers that they sell. A lot of the stockists on the site are third parties so delivery charges depend on them, it is worth checking these out before ordering. They also have different offers from time to time and bulk buy options such as buy 2 cartridges and a refill kit and save about 50 pence.


Comet also has a wide range of printers starting around £40 for a HP wireless printer. They has a large selection from all of the suppliers and also have replacements inks and papers.

The site also allows for users to check stock in their local store and arrange to pick up the printer from them directly. This is useful if you are in need of a replacement printer immediately.


Specialist sites such as Novatech have more in the way of printer accessories rather than printers themselves but they are worth looking at just to see what is available and in case you need to replace an item such as a USB cable or a cartridge.

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