White iPhones delayed until end of year

Suddenly white is the new black: the currently recognised shade of pitch that adorns both the iPhone 3G and 4 models pales in comparison to the eagerly anticipated white iPhone 4 handsets that Apple are producing, but not before it overcomes some production problems that have pushed back the launch date of the ivory-coloured phones to the end of this year, T3 reports.

Orange customers were alerted to the delay via an email from the network company, whilst Apple reported that the new models 'continued to be more challenging to manufacture than [...] originally expected.'

Apparently, Lens Technology, the firm that produces the cases for the Apple merchandise was encountering difficulties with 'identifying the correct paint thickness and opacity'.

All is not lost for die-hard Applelites though, as customisation kits are available that will turn your black coated number into a blisteringly white one. At the cost of your warranty, though.

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