White iPhone 4 - RIP?

Apple has released many new products in recent years that have got fans buzzing: the iPod, the original iPhone, the MacBook Air, the iPhone 4... but there's one long-promised device which just keeps on failing to materialise, no matter how badly fanboys wish for it: the white iPhone 4.

First promised when the iPhone 4 was launched last summer, it's stubbornly failed to actually appear ever since. The problem appears to be getting the home button to look the same shade as the rest of the phone. It was coming in Autumn, then at Christmas, then recently we thought its release was imminent.

But you know what? We don't think it's coming. The iPhone 4 is mere months from being replaced, and it would be a bit odd to release a new colour for it now. And it's odd to think that Apple might have been beavering away all this time on it. They made a white 3GS, for God's sake, it can't be that hard. If they really, really wanted to make a white iPhone 4, they'd have made one, right?

The latest evidence does indeed suggest the white iPhone 4 was 'vaporware'. Apple took their online store own on Wednesday for routine maintenance, but when it came back up, something had changed. All mention of the white iPhone was gone. No more listing under 'coming soon.' Images which showed white iPhone 4s have been removed.

We fear that's it. But if you're desperate, you can still assemble a white iPhone 4 from parts sold by an enterprising teenager.

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