Where to shop for a solvent printer online

A solvent printer is basically the type of printer that utilises solvent ink as opposed to an ink-jet printer, which utilises liquid ink and sprays it on the printing material. Solvent printers are particularly effective to use for creating materials meant for outdoor use.


Silverskies is a one-stop shop for all your solvent printing needs. Aside from selling different types of solvent printers, you can also visit this site if you are looking for a replacement part for your existing printer. The company also has an in-house engineering crew that can provide servicing and repair for clients. Lastly, Silverskies sells related products such as cartridge inks and banners, and they offer warranties as well.

One of their featured products is the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000, which is offered at a special price of £18,995. It boasts of eight-colour printing, a wide range of printing options and an equally wide range of advanced features.


For another website to browse different types of solvent printers, consider checking out Design Supply. Like Silverskies, this company has been around for quite some time already and is considered the largest independent dealer for large-format printing machines in the UK. Unlike Silverskies, however, Design Supply carries as well other types of printer and their related media.

During office hours, the company has 20 experts on call and ready to cater to your needs and any other concerns you may have. No matter what solvent printer you may be looking for, you are sure to find it in Design Supply. When you do find something you like, just fill up the online form of the company and a sales representative will be contacting you shortly.

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