Where to recycle printer cartridges in the UK

There have been more than 250 million reusable cartridges dumped into UK landfills over the last decade. Recent UK studies have discovered that each year, Brits spend approximately £600 million on printer cartridges alone. That is a heap of cartridges that will eventually become empty. In today’s environmentally concerned world it is important to take care and recycle all that can be reused.

For students, small businesses or large corporations it is easy to recycle printer cartridges. If refilling ink cartridges yourself is not an option, there are many organisations that collect them. Numerous companies throughout the UK collect used printer cartridges to raise money for charities.

One such organisation is Cartridges4Charity.co.uk. They collect used cartridges and divide the money between three of their chosen charities. These are Cardiac Risk In The Young, SeeAbility and CRUSE Scotland. Green Agenda is another organisation that raises money for educational establishments by collecting used cartridges.

Another great recycling option is Recycling Appeal. They recondition the used print cartridges they collect, refill them and resell them. This money is then donated to their more than 20 charities. You can also choose the charity of your choice, which include Scottish SPCA, Scope, Edinburgh Sick Kids, Breast Cancer Care, Oxfam and RNIB.

For people who simply prefer to recycle, Environmental Business Products takes most used cartridges. They provide freepost collection bags. If you want money for your cartridges, Recycle Aid will trade your empty printer cartridges for cash. They also provide customers with the option to instead, donate the money to a charity of your choice. If all else fails recycle your empty printer cartridges at a local recycling centre.

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