Where to pick up bonfire babes on November 5th

November 5th is an excellent setting if you're on the prowl for a date this weekend. So if you're wondering where to go for an explosive Bonfire Night, take a look at these four suggestions. If you're London-based, head down to Clapham Common Fireworks tonight at 7:30. Always a good evening out with a fantastic display and fantastic watering holes in the vicinity to refresh and warm yourself in afterwards.

Manchester has an impressive run of displays planned throughout the weekend, so if you need to know where to be when, have a look at the council's website for full details.

It's almost worth a trip to Birmingham alone for what the Brummies have been cooking up for November 5th this year. Edgbaston Cricket Ground will be presenting 'Fire and Light', a "thrilling 40 minute show of choreographed lasers, lights and projections together with a procession of giant steel animals representing the elements followed by a magnificent firework display." See Birmingham Box Office if you want to book tickets.

Our friends down on the south coast know how to throw a party, and Bonfire Night definitely doesn't disappoint at Lewes. The world famous celebrations include the lighting of beacons along the coastline and an enormous procession. Must be seen to be believed!

For the lowdown on Guy Fawkes, check out Bonfire.org which has some short historical background. For more detailed information, including some handy November 5th recipes if you're planning a house party, see The Fawkesian Society.


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