Where to look for cheap PS4 pads

Peripherals for the PS4 aren’t cheap so you should shop around if you want to save some money. There are lots of places to buy cheap PS4 pads so whether you want the standard black Dualshock 4 controller or something a little more individual we’ll tell you where to point your cursor.
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PS4 DualShock4

The DualShock4 controller has been designed to create the most immersive gaming experience. The very sensitive six-axis sensor and the touch pads located at the top of the controller offer totally new ways to interact with games. There’s a light bar with coloured LEDs which illuminate to match what is going happening on-screen. Then there’s the Share button which puts video streaming and sharing at the tip of your finger.


You’ll find a wide range of controllers at Argos.co.uk including the Blue Wave, Glacier White and Jet Black controllers. If you want something a bit funkier like Magna Red or Urban Camouflage, you might have to fork out a little more cash but you’ll find the full range at Argos. Problem here though is that they’re not the cheapest retailer for PS4. eBay

You’ll find almost anything on eBay and you will get a better price. There’s something like a 20% saving to be had from dealers like best-price-game but you might face higher delivery charges than those found at Argos.co.uk, who can take the delivery charge away with their “click and collect” function that allows you to pick up your new PS4 controller from your local store.


Game Seek at Rakuten.co.uk also offer great deals on all PS4 peripherals. Free UK shipping is the big plus here but you might find a price somewhere between the eBay and Argos prices.

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