Where to get a HP All in One printer

A HP all in one printer is a popular option for many people. One of these will allow you to scan your documents, photocopy anything that you need and print high quality images and photos. You can also print your CDs and DVDs too.

There are many places to buy a HP all in one printer from, but you will need to do your research. While you are looking for low prices, you will also need to make sure you are buying from trusted sellers – this is especially the case when it comes to shopping on Amazon.co.uk or Ebay.co.uk.

PC World and Currys Digital are two popular options when it comes to buying technical equipments and they are both now owned by the same person, which helps to cut down your search. There are sales on through both companies regularly and there are also a number of online deals.

As of September 2011, it is possible to buy the HP 3070 for just £49, when it used to be £79.99. For those who prefer a wireless printer, there is the HP Photosmart Wireless for £39, down from £99.99.

Argos has a technology section in its catalogue, which has a variety of HP all in one printers. Just one option is the Deskjet 1050A, which is currently on sale for £29.99.

The benefit of shopping through Argos is that you get to shop from the comfort of your own home, whether you want to use the catalogue or the internet. You will also get 10 percent of HP ink when you order with a HP all in one printer.

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