Where to get a free iPod nano

The entertainment industry continues to witness unprecedented innovations, with manufacturers trying vehemently to come up with gadgets such as the iPod Nano to momentously appeal to the market. Some of the scintillating factors that the mother company Apple introduces in this gadget include reduced size, increased storage, while at the same time enhancing the experience by providing one touch feature to access your music. In addition, the Multi-Touch display takes entertainment to a completely new level. Listening to your favourite music is just a tap away and you will be able to browse your favourite music by just swiping the screen and enjoy the benefits of customising the organisation of your music by albums, artists, playlists, and genres among others. With these entire amazing features, many would like to get this gadget free and here is where to get the free iPod Nano.

According to the apple website (http://www.apple.com/ipod/compare-ipod-models/), the iPod Nano sells for about £149 for the 8GB while the 16GB retails at about £179. Although this is a bargain when considering the plethora of features it posses, the possibility of getting it free, makes it a lucrative saving deal. With the wide publicity associated with the Apple Company regarding its high quality, sleek, colourful gadgets, so are companies trying to associate themselves with the products.

Survey companies such as ezy free (http://www.ezyfree.com/free-ipod-nano.php) are popular in riding with the tide gained from these magnificent gadgets. Some of these companies will lure users to perform an array of surveys and the winner is chosen randomly with the prize being the iPod Nano. Since companies highly value the opinion of the user, they will pay survey companies to perform surveys for them. The survey companies may then opt to give away a free iPod as some of the prizes. The internet provides a multiplicity of survey companies where you can apply for surveys and if you qualify, you will be on your way to getting a free gadget. Nonetheless, be sure to look out for positive reviews of these companies.

Shopping in some of the stores will also provide a chance for you to win a free gadget. Some of the stores will offer you the chance to choose what to purchase after receiving the coupons. With these methods, you can buy most of the things you want and use the iPod coupons acquired to purchase the gadget.


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