Where to find cheap Lexmark X4650 cartridges

Printer ink is expensive, whether you are looking for HP cartridges or Lexmark X4650 cartridges. Shops are constantly raising their prices and it means searching for the cheapest option available. There are a few stores that will still offer cheap options.

The first is by shopping online from Cartridgediscount.co.uk. This is a place that offers discounts across a number of different inks, including Lexmark X4650 cartridges. It is possible to buy one black ink for just £18.98, including VAT, and one colour for £20.68. The prices quoted are as of September 2011.

You can also go directly to the Lexmark website, which offers a list of prices excluding the VAT from a number of stores. One of those is the Lexmark shop, which is offering the Lexmark X4650 cartridges for £21.70 or you can buy from Printerbase, which has priced their cartridges at £18.56.

You can also do your shopping online at Amazon.co.uk. You will also be able to buy a Lexmark X4650 from here too. There are black ink cartridges on sale from £13.76 and coloured ones from £14.20. However, it is worth remembering that the listings change regularly and you will constantly need to check new prices.

If you want to go directly to a store, Staples is a place to consider. You can start your search online or you can go directly into a store close to your home. All the cartridges are in the technology section and there are often lower prices, including £23.99 for black in and £29.99 for colour ink.

Please note that all prices quoted for the Lexmark X4650 cartridges are as of September 2011.

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