Where to find a quality paper shredder

If you're worried about your sensitive documents falling into the wrong hands, then it's massively important to pick yourself up a paper shredder. These fantastic little inventions will keep all of your information safe, they're quiet, and they are highly effective. In this blog we're going to show you where to get a paper shredder from.

Perhaps the biggest selection of paper shredders online can be found on the Tesco Direct website at direct.tesco.com. So what's on offer? Well, Tesco offer a huge range of shredders, ranging in price from around £10 to all singing and dancing models for around £80.

There are some important considerations to think of before picking the model you want. You're going to want a shredder with a decent size, so aim for ones above 10L. Also, check out how strong the shredding motion is, generally it should be able to handle at least five sheets of paper at once, meaning you won't have to spend tedious lengths of time hovering over it as it gets to work.

One model from the Tesco website that ticks all of these boxes is the Tesco Value 10L Cross Cut Shredder. This Shredder can easily handle 10 litres of shredded paper, and it can also handle at least five sheets at once, making it efficient and cheap to run. It comes with an auto start/ stop function and reverse. Amazingly, it retails for a super cheap £14.97 from Tesco, and you can find it directly at the following link direct.tesco.com/q/R.202-8140.aspx. This model represents huge value, and we highly recommend it!

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