Where to buy Xiaomi mobiles

Xiaomi make the hottest mobile phones on the market but you can’t get one in the UK. Thankfully we’ve found out where to buy Xiaomi mobiles. There are a number of catches to this and a few compromises will be necessary so read on but don’t get too carried away until you’ve understood everything about China’s most popular smartphone.
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There’s no sign that Xiaomi will make their smartphones available through UK networks so you’ll have to buy one elsewhere. Before you start your web search, you need to understand these compromises. Some phones in China use bands that aren’t compatible with those used in the UK. What that means is that you could be buying a phone that will only connect through a 2G service or perhaps one that won’t connect with your network at all.

Other issues

The biggest issue when buying a phone like this is finding yourself with a fake. The web’s flooded with them so tread carefully. You probably won’t find the pre-installed apps very useful as they’re designed for the Chinese market. The other issue is that the phone won’t be configured to the English language so you’ll need to be able to search the phone’s settings in its domestic language and make that alteration before you begin using the device.

Where to buy

You’ll find some great examples on gumtree.com and ebay.co.uk. Neither site will have all that many examples but there will be some. The handsets should be priced around the £200 mark but you could see prices up to £250 for the premium 16 GB Xiaomi Mi 4. It goes without saying but make sure that it’s unlocked. Of the two sites we recommend, eBay has the most examples so this is the first one to review. The site’s buyer protection initiatives are among the best on the web so you’ll have a little more assurance when you buy through eBay.

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