Where to buy low priced USB memory sticks

The USB memory stick has become a popular device for businesspeople and students alike. It is possible to store a large amount of memory on them while also being small enough to take anywhere. Another benefit is that all computers and laptops now come with USB ports to connect them into.

USB memory sticks do not need to be expensive, even if you want to buy a large 32GB one. However, you do need to shop around for these. There are many different styles too, which are perfect to add some personal taste to the technology.

Argos is full of reasonably priced flash drives, whether you want small 1GB ones or large 32Gb ones. Shopping online will often have the best deals since there are usually web exclusives. This also makes it easier to find exactly what you want. The prices range from as low as £3.99 up to £69.99, depending on the amount of memory, size and style.

Another company that is popular for web exclusives and internet offers is PC World. For those who want it now, it is possible to reserve the items and pick them up or ask them about a “price match” when you go into the store. Online, it is possible to buy a USB memory stick for between £4 and £129.99. The high prices are for devices that hold up to 64GB of memory.

If the prices are looking a little steep for the high memory then it is worth shopping for your USB memory stick online. Amazon.co.uk has a variety of flash drives available, whether you want something less than 1GB or you are looking for 16GB or even up to 240GB. Prices range from 83p to £69, as of September 2011.

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