Where to buy Lexmark x2650 ink cartridges

Lexmark x2650 ink cartridges

The Lexmark x2650 is a high quality printer available from a number of sources such as Amazon. It is a simple multifunction printer and the ink can be brought from a number of sources. Lexmark printers are also compatible with a lot of the generic brands of ink as well as the official Lexmark brand.


When people think about online shopping they usually think of places such as Amazon, and with good reason, almost anything you want to buy can be brought directly from them or through one of their affiliates on the site.

They have lexmark x2650 ink cartridges and they are available to be dispatched within 3-5 working days depending on the postage method that you choose. The cartridges start at £18 for colour cartridges however they do also sell bargain packs which include a colour, black and a refill kit for £44.67 this is a saving of £0.21 over buying the items separately. It’s not an amazing saving, but the refill kit will allow you to refill the cartridges in the future therefore saving money.


This site stocks the compatible cartridges and it sells them starting at £10. With compatible cartridges it is important to make sure that it is compatible with the printer you are using. Most sites will have complete listings of the printers that they will work with, or they will display the compatible inks when you type in the number of your printer, and they carry a 100% guarantee.They do stock the original cartridges as well and prices start at £16. Similar to the Amazon bulk offer if you buy 2 or 3 cartridges at a time the individual prices do drop, and the saving can add up quite quickly if you shop wisely on the site.

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