We find out where to buy iPad 2 and iPhone 4

It was perhaps unthinkable a mere decade ago that Apple could possibly go on to change the landscape for portable digital lifestyle products the way they have since the launch of the original iPod. Although they always maintained a healthy enough market share in the computer sector, the brand hadn't attained the potential heights that everyone suspected it was capable of for quite a while.

Their range of home computers and laptops were viewed as slightly overpriced, and reserved for designers or music producers, while their marketing campaigns seemed focussed on telling people that PCs were rubbish rather than telling them why Macs were worth buying.

That all changed with the launch of the iPod, which revolutionised the way the world consumes music, and then the arrival of the first iPhone in 2007 would forever change the mobile market. The touch screen technology pioneered by the iPhone and later the iPad would give rise to countless imitators, but few would ever come close to the level of reliability and versatility on offer from Apple's products.

However, with this level of quality comes a much higher price tag, and as consumers you will no doubt be aware that this tends to have an adverse impact on your bank account which is far from ideal. Let's not kid ourselves, both the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 are desirable products, and with such high demand comes inflated prices, so we have snooped around in order to find out where to buy the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 for the best prices in the United Kingdom.

Assuming you don't want to go the eBay route, which does offer savings but comes with the obvious risk of no warranty and no sure way of knowing that the item is as described until it arrives, we have decided to look at the main retailers in the UK space.

You can buy the handset without a contract or service provider for £510 direct from the Apple Store, which will come unlocked and ready for any SIM card. Alternatively you could opt for a contract deal with one of the UK networks. For the iPhone this generally means a 2-3 year deal which you are tied into until the end.

iPads are a little less confusing, given the fact that they are new and therefore much the same price everywhere. The main problem is going to be finding stock. Currys have a great offer of a 16GB black iPad 2 available for just £399 right now, which is the best we've managed to find, even if it doesn't exactly represent a huge saving.


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