Where to buy a 8GB USB memory stick online

Backing up your data or transferring information from one computer to another is an everyday part of life for most PC users these days, and without memory sticks this task would be incredibly tedious! These nifty little inventions not only allow you to back up data, but imagine taking it wherever you go. An 8GB USB memory stick, for example, will have a big enough capacity to hold most applications and even games. So let's see where you can get these USB memory sticks at reasonable prices?

The first site we're hitting in search of reasonably priced memory sticks is Ebay.co.uk. A quick search on the site reveals a breathtaking number of results, and the prices are something to write home about! Let's have a closer look at what's on offer here? The lowest priced item in the listings is a generic USB 8GB memory stick on a key ring. This affordable little stick sells for a buy-it-now price of only £0.99, and at this price you could afford to get a few! This item ships from Hong Kong, so it's always a good idea to see where sellers source their items from. The main reason for this is because items that are sourced overseas could take longer to arrive. If you're in a hurry, you may want to consider locally sourced goods.

Amazon.co.uk is next on our list and this site also has an impressive selection of memory sticks for sale. The prices here for an 8GB flash drive vary from around £4.00 to as much as £12.00, so it pays to browse around a little and scratch for bargains. The cheapest USB flash drive here sells for around £3.50, and is manufactured by Kingston. This item gets 4.5 stars from other Amazon users, so it should be an item that will do what it promises, and more. Have a look for yourself, and with this kind of savings online you may never want to shop any other way. There's countless bargains on the Net, so go bag yourself one.

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