Wondering where can I download NDS games for free? Then check this out

If you're one of the many people out there who is finding it very hard to keep up to date with the latest video games due to the high price of titles in stores, then it's possible that you have considered something like an R4DS card for your portable Nintendo system. Since the launch of the Nintendo DS it has been plagued with piracy problems. Despite the fact that the system has sold more than one hundred and forty five million units across its various guises, Nintendo very quickly that they were fighting a losing battle against pirates.

Thanks to flash cards like the R4DS, gamers could now download the latest titles for free from a range of illegal sites online and play them in their DS console without needing to pay for the privilege like the rest of us. While that might seem like a good idea on the face of it, those of you thinking Where can I download these NDS games for free should take a step back and consider exactly what it is you are contemplating.

Not only is piracy highly illegal, but you are damaging the video game industry you claim to have an interest in by partaking in it. Games these days are better than ever, and many of them have budgets comparable to those of big name box office smash movies. By pirating the software, you are driving the price of games up for everyone else, while also ensuring that the developers who worked so hard to make the games receive no payment for their months of hard work.

If you love video games and the video game industry, we suggest you look for alternatives to piracy, such as keeping an eye on online sales at the likes of amazon.co.uk or play.com in order to snare yourself some great bargains!


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