So, where can i buy a cheap iphone 4?

The iPhone 4 has taken the mobile phone world by storm, and the only thing stopping most people from picking up one of these marvels is the prohibitive cost! We understand this, so we'll be answering the question - Where can i buy a cheap iphone 4?

The iPhone does it all, but you certainly pay for the privilege! To buy the 32 GB model from a UK provider will cost you around £600 on 'pay as you go', or else you'll have to sign a prohibitive two-year contract. Neither option is particularly palatable, eh?

There are some bargains to be had on the iPhone 4 though, you just need to know where to look! One retailer we suggest having a gander at, is second-hand specialist CEX. You can find their website at http://uk.webuy.com, so let's take a look at their current offers.

CEX specialise in the sale of quality pre-owned goods including phones. They put products through a rigorous test before accepting them, so you know if you buy an iPhone that will be in perfect working order. If you want to buy the 32 GB iPhone 4 from CEX, it will cost you £445.

This is in comparison to the £600 you will be asked to fork out in shops for a phone that is locked to a particular network. CEX phones all come sim-free, so you can stick any sim card in it, and it will work. It's still not as low as you might have hoped, but iPhones tend not to come down in price, so this is about as good a deal as you'll get.

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