'Whenever the iPhone succeeds, Google succeeds'

Over the last few months much has been made of Google’s apparent rift with Apple, with the behemoth corporations clashing over various thing to do with the smartphone and tablet technologies. Steve Jobs in particular has been particularly bitchy about his competitors in the past, insulting Google and RIM while his brainwashed followers giggled and clapped like Pravda writers offered an audience with Stalin.

However Google have admitted that they’re not bothered by the iPhone growing more popular; in fact they’re quite happy to see Apple’s industry leader doing well, as it means more money for them, both through the growth of Android and through monetizing apps. Handy that.

‘Whenever the iPhone succeeds, Google succeeds,’ said Google’s Asia-Pacific president Daniel Alegre. ‘I actually don’t look at it as iPhone versus Android. iPhone is a very strong driver of query growth for Google. We also monetize apps through the iPhone. We benefit from the iPhone’s growth.’

So there you go: maybe now they can hold hands and stop being so gosh-darned beastly to each other all the time?

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