When Zuckerberg meets Zuckerberg

American’s are the kings of live telly, FACT! When they do it, they don’t just do it well they do it BIG. The bigger the better, it can’t be TOO BIG, make it BIG and then treble it. Saturday Night Live (SNL) is the king of the big kings and has been a live staple in American culture for decades and helped to launch the careers of pretty much every known US comedian from Will Ferrell to Chevy Chase.

This weekend they once again pulled out all the stops by having Jesse Eisenberg who played Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network guest host it, but the MASSIVE pay-off was when none other than the media-shy real Facebook founder himself Mark Zuckerberg made a surprise cameo.

Excellently funny, very awkward and quite a coup, it’s also nice to see the real Zuckerberg pokesome fun at himself. Watch it below.

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