When will the PS5 come out?

If you’ve had enough of the PS4, there might be a bit of a wait before the next generation PlayStation arrives. Don’t go into your local Game Store and ask when will the PS5 come out? because there’s no official launch date at present. What we’re bringing you is the latest gossip and rumours concerning the latest generation Sony machine.


There was a 7 year wait between the launch of the PS3 and the PS4. If gamers have to experience the same wait, then the PS5 will come out during 2020. An upgraded version of the PS4 is far more likely in the short term. This will be in response to the upgraded Xbox One that Microsoft discussed at E3 2015. This newer PS4 will be a slimmer machine in keeping with Sony’s practice of remodelling their PlayStations. They will also offer an upgraded PlayStation 4 with 1TB of hard drive space.

PlayStation Now

So the obvious question is: is Sony planning a PS5 as yet? They will have the PS5 in the works but the machine’s development is at the very early planning stages. The launch of PlayStation Now in the UK during 2015 signals a shift in the way gamers access their games. This is a cloud-based gaming service that allows users to play PS3 games on their PS4, PS Vita machines and Bravia TVs. The industry believes that this will revolutionise gaming in the way that Netflix and the like revolutionise our way of accessing TV and movies. But what’s this got to do with the PS5?


If the rumours are true, then the PS5 will operate as a cloud-based gaming service. Sony will therefore have to rollout PlayStation Now across the globe before the PS5 can be sent to market. This will cause delays and could even lead to a longer delay than the time gap between the PS3 and PS4 launches.

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