WhatsApp cheats and tricks

WhatsApp is a simple application developed in 2009 with the primary aim of acting as an effective messenger tool. Messages and multimedia can be sent across the globe at no cost provided there is data or wireless connection. It is compatible on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian and Nokia S40 devices. We show you simple WhatsApp cheats and tricks.

What it can do

The WhatsApp Messenger can send text, video and audio messages instantly which makes it attractive to users. In addition, it costs nothing to send messages apart from an internet connection. Here are a few WhatsApp cheats and tricks to familiarise yourself with this instant messenger.

  • Manipulating pictures

MagiApp is an app that will enable you to send one picture to another picture. It is a fun and simple trick.

  • Recovering messages

If you or someone else accidentally deleted important messages, you can recover them by using the msgstore.db.crypt to another phone and restore it in that phone’s WhatsApp.

  • Sharing files

Use Cloud Send so you can share different file formats such as ZIP, APK, PDF and DOC file.

  • Disabling functions

If you don’t want the ‘Last seen’ feature, you can prevent this using the ‘Block Whatsapp’ Function.

  • Using WhatsApp

Even if there is no SIM card in your phone, you can still use WhatsApp for as long as there is wireless connection.

  • Hacking conversations

Take note that conversations that take place on WhatsApp can be hacked using WhatsApp Sniffer.

  • Playing pranks on others

WhatsApp is not only about messages and files. You can also have fun and play a prank on others. You can make fake conversations using Whatsaid. It is also possible to change someone’s picture provided there is a photo saved on that phone.

Privacy concerns

There are other several WhatsApp cheats and tricks which you can use but bear in mind, invasion of privacy is a serious concern. For example, you can spy on someone else’s account by manipulating the settings and copying the MAC address of the WLAN. It is also possible to use the app without using a phone number simply by tricking the verification request once it is installed.

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