WhatsApp alternatives

If you’re worried about having to pay for WhatsApp at some point in the future or if you’ve had technical issues that have turned you away from the popular messenger service, you’ll want to know which WhatsApp alternatives are worth a look.
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This is a great alternative to WhatsApp as it’s a service that you can use to reach new people as well as one that’s ideal for communicating with friends. It’s often described as a “smartphone messenger with a built-in browser” which gives you an idea of what makes this program unique. As with WhatsApp, you can send data like photos, sketches and voice messages.


With over 600 million users across the world, WeChat is a service that’s a real alternative to WhatsApp. As with WhatsApp, WeChat is a cross-platform app that supports loads of languages. If you choose to download this app, you’ll enjoy features like traditional messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, photo and video sharing and location sharing.


With more than 300 million registered users, this app isn’t as popular as WhatsApp but it’s a service that’s pretty young so its user base with grow. You get all the usual features associated with this type of app but you’ll also enjoy free VoIP calls and free audio and video conference calls are also available with Line.


Although this app was developed for the iPhone, you can now download it for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. They currently have 200 million users across the world but this is a service that’s growing rapidly. The biggest draw with this app is free phone calls but you can do everything you’d expect to be able to. The app’s 100 person group limit is also pretty impressive.

Do you need an alternative?

We don’t believe that WhatsApp will change their price structure for a very long time. Why would they risk their position as the top messenger service in the world by asking for large subscription charges?

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