Whats this MIX page you keep going on about?

WebTwitcher has been writing about Excite MIX now since way back in the good old days of June. However we're still getting questions like, "hey, WebTwitcher, what's this MIX thing you're always going on about", and similar variations on this theme comprising, at times, some extremely imaginative phrases. OK, OK, I get the hint...

...so, here's the definitive explanation. It's the coolest, most user-friendly personalised homepage on the web (even if we do say so ourselves). And it's now available for you to do with what you will. What's a personalised homepage, I hear you cry immediately. Excite MIX works like your very own personal web, where you can add all the latest content from your favourite sites via their RSS feed (the little orange buttons popping up all over the web). It even gets updated automatically so you don't have to make the effort.

For example, you read the Sun (for the news, of course...), the FT (to keep track of how many millions your company is making you...) and you support Arsenal (poor you...). Put the RSS feeds from all of the above on to your MIX page. Want to see your email inbox? From all your email accounts? Add them all to your page too. Did you miss Chris Moyles on Radio 1 this morning? Add his podcast and listen to the best bits straight from your MIX page. Need more pages? Not a problem, add as many as you like.

There's even a handy notepad for jotting down links you like, (or to remind you to get the milk you keep forgetting). All that on one page, and the best thing is you choose what goes on. If you don't want it any more, take it off.

In a net nutshell it's like all your Christmases have come early, and you don't need to hop from site to site anymore now you've got everything you want, at a glance, in one place. Nifty huh?!

So there it is, Excite MIX - you're new personalised homepage. If you've not seen it yet, visit the MIX now. Create yourself an account (don't be lazy it takes all of 3 seconds) and you can log in anywhere. Let me know what you think!


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