What's the best free UK train times app for Android?

If you’re interested in downloading a free UK train times app for Android, which one is the most reliable? There’s an official National Rail Enquiries app for Android but don’t limit yourself to that one without considering some of the competition.
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National Rail Enquiries

The National Rail Enquiries app is the obvious place to start because most rail users will log onto their site nationalrail.co.uk or call their hotline to work out their travel plans. The official application for Android brings you all of the rail times that you’ll ever need and offers a slick interface that makes it really user friendly. Through the app you get access to NRE’s comprehensive real time train running information so you can plan your journey in real time. If you’re connecting with another train or going onto the underground to complete your journey, this real time information really make a difference. With live departure and arrival information you can work out if you need to run to the train station or take a leisurely walk, and the app’s information on disruptions to normal services makes this a commuter’s dream application.


If you’re planning on using public transport while on a European break, you should consider downloading RailPlanner. The app is available as a free download from developers HaCon. It features up to the minute pan-European timetables along with detailed city maps so you’ll also use the app while your sight-seeing around some of the continent’s greatest landmarks.

Tube Map

Developers mxData Ltd offer a detailed London Tube map application for Android that already has 1 million users. Planning your underground journey with this app is child’s play as it’ll tell you when to expect the next tube train. If there are delays on the line, you can plan a new route easily and the app will also help you locate your nearest tube station.

Where to find them

For the National Rail Enquires app, visit nationalrail.co.uk. You’ll find all of these apps plus many more at play.google.com.

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