What’s in your locker, cocker?

Does news get any bigger than this? Of course it does, but to make this sound like really BIG news, we’re going to say ‘no’. Google, yes the internet search Goliath, is set to launch its very own music service, and how do we know that? Because some handy chump has leaked the news to the media *high fives handy chump*.

According to Billboard, who broke the story, the new Google service will come equipped with a storage cloud called a ‘locker’. In this ‘locker’ users will be able to store all of their mp3s, as well as stream or download them whenever they’re connected to the internet.

A ‘locker’ comes at a cost though; to be precise £16 a year. But a nice add-on that allows fellow subscribes to play their friend’s entire locker once, will make it easier to stomach. Yes, we know, unlimited would be so much better...

The service is tipped to launch before the turn of the year and will be complimented by a Google music store (£4.50 for an album + 45p for most single tracks).

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