What's all the fuss about YouTube?

Thanks to some recent high profile mentions, everyone's talking about YouTube. If you're a Tube Newbie - or even a seasoned YouTube addict/voyeur/active contributor, here are a few tips that will open up a whole new world of broadcasting!

From the weird and wonderful, homemade real life Simpsons intros to some truly amazing Parkour (the people who run around town jumping on/off buildings) from Urban Ninjas, YouTube's eclectic mix of videos (homegrown and manufactured) will have you either hooked at first sight or put you right off looking at any more content that's user-generated.

A mind boggling selection of RSS feeds are available, but a list of the best are below. One recurring theme is the fascination we seem to have for comedy dancing, as epitomised by the inspired Evolution of Dance (MC Hammer eat your heart out).

My favourite clip on YouTube at the moment? I laughed till I cried at Darth Vader calling The Sith Lord. Genius.


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